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Vida Kids Chooses RepSpark Systems

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Vida Kids represents many of the top childrenswear brands from across the globe. Their clients range from mid to high end, offering products for a range of consumers. They have partnered with RepSpark to enable their B2B accounts with supreme quality and service. 



“Serving our customers is critical to our success and RepSpark is a key tool in how we plan to evolve. RepSpark will allow our sales team to better prepare for every meeting with the most up to date information on shipping, available inventory, order status as well as review historical account information to plan future seasons.  It will also give our customers the power to view our inventory and place orders directly in real time. We feel the combination of readiness and accessibility will enhance our partnership with our accounts.” said Brian McManus.

RepSpark stood out to McManus for Vida Kids because “The convenience and empowerment for our customers and our sales team members were the deciding factors to move ahead with this type of service. But the user-friendly interface and ease of implementation and growth is where RepSpark stood out. It was extremely important to us that not only the service RepSpark provides be outstanding but also the process in which the team interacts with the service be second to none.”

We are excited to move forward with Vida Kids to enable seamless B2B eCommerce for them and consumers across the board.

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