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New Year. New Digital Catalog Enhancements

Jan 17, 2020 9:39:41 AM

The good only keeps getting better! With the roll of the new year we’ve made some enhancements to our Digital Catalog so you can accomplish your goals with ease.

To make selling and planning easier for your retailers, you can now enjoy the following functions:

  • Allow retailers to plan their busy and assortments by ship date
  • Sell more products by having product exist in one or multiple catalogs simultaneously
  • Create quick auto flow line sheets or be able to build an interactive Digital Catalog for your retailers
  • Using the Whiteboard, you can overlay and combine marketing images with products to easily Shop the Look and visually merchandise products with the Canvas Tool
  • Ability to seamlessly shop directly from the catalog or favorites product list
  • Visually merchandise product selections

To learn about even more enhancements we’ve added to our Digital Catalog, enjoy the following video demonstrating the new features and read below for the full list of changes.



The Complete List of New Digital Catalog Enhancements

Creation of Digital Catalog:

  • Add tabs to guide users
  • New Templates to select
  • Custom and Default Fonts
  • Add Icons such as 100% Cotton or Reversible
  • Tag marketing images with product name/color and link product pop up with current ordering parameters
  • Add and overlay logos and customization
  • Easily add custom templates
  • Change logos throughout to brand product segmentation
  • Auto-flow custom data from ERP or excel upload

Interacting with the Digital Catalog- Buyer and Rep:

  • Capability to add tabs to easily flip through the catalog
  • Ability to rate each product
  • Bookmark product with special call outs
  • View availability and alternate color ways in product pop ups
  • View product as a flip-book or change to view product only
  • Add notes to product as you shop to review in your favorites section
  • Add catalogs favorites to one or multiple favorites lists to easily shop later
  • Download working PDF of the catalog

Shopping the Catalog Features:

  • Sort favorite products by rating
  • View notes
  • Easily move between the catalog, ordering and adding products from multiple catalogs
  • Easily add products directly to cart from catalog or favorites list
  • Add favorites to multi order merchandise view to drag and drop products to multiple stores and/or deliveries

If you have any questions about the new enhancements, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success Team or if you are interested in learning more about RepSpark, then Schedule a Demo today.

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