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How to Achieve Instant Gratification in Wholesale Commerce

by Dac Clark, on Sep 11, 2018 12:14:36 PM

With the explosive growth of ecommerce and mobile technology, floor-goldretail consumers have become increasingly demanding. They want what they want, when they want it and expect businesses to deliver. With just a few swipes on a mobile device or a couple of taps on a laptop, consumers can now instantly order whatever they want. No longer simply a key differentiator, being able to provide consumers with an instant gratification shopping experience is a requirement. In fact, some retailers have even started to offer services guaranteeing same-day delivery. Why can’t the wholesale shopping experience be just as efficient?
Like consumers, retail buyers have developed the same desire for an instant gratification shopping experience. To meet these rising expectations, brands need to become more efficient by streamlining the process between identifying a retail buyer’s needs and shipping their wholesale orders. The old service model simply can’t deliver on these new expectations. Not to worry. RepSpark’s B2B is here to help!

B2B takes center stage.

RepSpark’s B2B empowers retailers by bringing the ease and convenience of online shopping to the wholesale commerce industry. In the same way that consumers make online purchases, retailers can now order available inventory online or on the go with the latest mobile device. With access to a 24/7 shopping experience and same-day shipping, B2B meets the customer’s need for instant gratification while notifying sales people that orders have been placed so they may continue to manage their buyer relationships.

All the bells and whistles you’d expect.

In addition to making the B2B buying experience as simple as ordering items online from a consumer website, RepSpark’s B2B also provides robust reporting that enables retailers to track orders and shipments in real time, review order history, and track future product availability. RepSpark B2B has transformed the old brand service model to bring retailers a fast, efficient, and effective solution to B2B commerce, and is the key to providing your retail customers with a true Instant Gratification shopping experience. Schedule a demo to find out how RepSpark’s B2B system can help your business meet customer expectations.