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5 Ways Our Whiteboard Can Help Your Buyer

by Meghann Butcher, on Jul 16, 2019 7:28:29 PM

What do you do when your buyer wants to see each color option, but you don’t have all of the samples? Or if they want to see a mock-up of collegiate logo on a polo shirt, how quickly can you turn around a digital proof?

These requests are expected and a great sign that your buyer is engaged with your product. However, once these requests are made known, it’s necessary to provide visual options in a timely manner to help your buyer understand the assortment of your product line and to finalize their buy.

To help your buyer visualize success, our Whiteboard tool allows users to collaborate on the product assortment and look at the visual display possibilities with one simple glance. Acting like a blank canvas with drag & drop capabilities and custom artwork uploads, the Whiteboard provides countless ways you can make your buyer’s life easier. Today, we want to share the highlights of the Whiteboard tool with a video and break down our top 5 favorite ways the Whiteboard can help your buyer succeed.

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1. Understanding the outfit options and product assortment

When buyers don’t fully understand your product assortment and the outfit options with your line, you will see a negative effect on the buy. Fortunately, it’s an easy fix which involves painting a visual picture of how your product can look in their retail space and what pieces can be matched together.

With drag & drop capabilities, sales reps and buyers can create immediate visuals of the color run and the multiple outfit options. It’s even better if this is done before the sell-in appointment to allow buyers to effectively shop the look of your brand.

By easily understanding the product assortment and what outfits can be created, buyers will be able to:

  • Eliminate the flipping and rummaging through the catalogs and samples to view multiple product options.
  • Enjoy fun and easy sell-in appointments when sales reps showcase the suggested in-store display and assortment that will drive sales.
  • Easily track the finalized customization options and visualize what the final product assortment will look like for their team.
  • View the product from different angles to optimize outfit options.
2. Create a visual display for their locations

Without a doubt, fashion is visually driven. If products are poorly displayed, it will be reflected in sales reports. To give your buyers the option to play around with assortment and to visualize what it will look like in store, they can upload their in-store displays and arrange the product assortment accordingly.

This allows buyers to optimize their purchase and it provides a visual guide on how product should be displayed when the inventory arrives.

3. Be able to play around with products that work for their region

You want your buyers to easily select and play with the assortment of the product that will serve their customers. A buyer focusing on the midwest region will have no interest in viewing your sleeveless options for a December launch. To help make easy decisions, the Whiteboard tool can pull in styles that are specifically geared for different climates and/or customer preferences.

This allows the buyer to easily select the products that will increase sales for their region and again, create product displays designed to drive sales.

4. See the visual options for customization, embroidery and not be waiting for mock-up

If your buyer is working with a collegiate brand or golf team, they will want to see mock-up versions of their logo on the product. However, receiving a few mock-ups isn’t empowering them with the tools they desire to see what the product will look like in store. With the Whiteboard tool, they can upload artwork or different logo options to immediately view what the product will look like. This streamlines the buying process for your buyer and gives them confidence when ordering a large volume of products.


5. See a color run of your product so they can optimize their buy

Do you ever wonder why a select color didn’t get booked? As a brand it can be frustrating when you implement new color trends then continue to see buyers book the same colors. This generally happens because buyers are unaware of all the colors or how they can optimize the new colors in their store with different outfits. Using the Whiteboard, buyers can lay out each color run of the product and showcase how it could look on their retail space.

If you are interested in learning more ways you can help your buyer succeed with the Whiteboard product feature and many other tools, then reach out to RepSparks’s Client Success Team for a demo.