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The Six Disciplines Of Building A Great Brand

by Dac Clark, on Apr 20, 2016 5:02:00 PM

  1. Change The Rules Of The Marketplace       
  • Be Disruptive: Change is an absolute. A market leader usually is the one that causes market changes.
  • Reject Pre-Conceived Limitations: Rules are for there breaking. They are not really rules anyway; most often these limitations are really just traditions, practices, conventions, or long held norms.
  • Control The Retail Floor Space: To change rules, you need to be in control of what you can control-the retail space.
  1. Captivate The Consumer
  • Iconic Products: Iconic products will captivate the consumer and carry the brand DNA further.
  • Highly Engaging Advertising: Advertising must connect to your consumer.
  • Control The Message – Everywhere: Message Management is vital.
  • Social Marketing: Today Social Marketing has become the primary driver of customer communication. Remember “It Isn’t What you Say About Your Brand – It Is What They Say About Your Brand”.
  1. Over Serve The Retailer
  • Retailers are often left out of a brand plan. They are more often than not taken for granted. Why not become their favorite brand. Out perform your competition. Help them to make money with your brand.
  1. Hire Unusually Gifted People
  • As the old adage goes: Build An Organization And They Will Build Your Brand. 
  1. Be A Servant Leader
  • If you want your brand to be successful than you have to have a happy and motivated team. Management is a two way street and managing as a servant leader will get much more out of your people. 
  1. Frustrate The Competition

If you do everything above.  This Will Be The Result!




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