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The Secret to Growing Your Company

by Meghann Butcher, on Jul 30, 2019 8:12:23 PM

Do you have big goals to grow your company? To point yourself in the direction of success you may want to take a hard look at your current Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) tool. 

Adobe recently completed a survey and found that companies who aggressively integrate digital technology to speak with customers are 131% more likely to exceed their business goals!

The biggest lesson learned is that the key to growth is implementing technology that makes communication and purchasing easy for your customers. 


However, there is a catch. If you work in the fashion industry, you can’t use just any CRM tool. No, our industry is unique. You have linesheets to send, products to customize, orders to manage, and reports to analyze. With all the unique tasks you get to manage, it’s necessary to do all you can to streamline your process, showcase your documents with easy access, and make all communication seamless. Our proprietary CRM tool allows brands to view, document, manage, and execute communication between management, sales reps, customer service, and retail accounts. 

Let’s take a closer look! Below is a breakdown of our Customer Communication Hub features and how it can better you and your retailers: 

Trackable service communication with retailers eliminates email diving.

      • Retain key account information 
      • Branded email templates for sales rep communication with buyers
      • Top down view of customers including activity history, key contacts, customer communications, and internal account discussions.
      • Email Analytics: Sent, Open, Clicked, Ordered
      • Activity Notification, Tasks and Campaign Dashboard


Task Management is now manageable.

    • Create and route tasks to the proper individual
    • Create tasks and automatically email task assigns through email
    • Schedule and generate follow up tasks and reminders for overdue tasks
    • Manage and monitor tasks assigned to the group (admin) 
    • Add events and notes to accounts and contacts

If reading this is making you wonder if it’s time to update, here are three questions to ask yourself and your team:

  • What does my team say about our current CRM tool? Your team is engaging with your customers on a daily basis and they will know first hand if it’s helping or hindering performance. Send out an email to get perspective or maybe gather for a meeting to open dialogue about pain points.
  • Is it catered to the apparel industry? There are so many moving pieces in the apparel industry that it’s critical to have a software designed to serve the industry and your unique set of tasks. If you are using a non industry specific CRM tool, it’s time to make the change. 
  • How much time is spent emailing? We know emails can be completely eliminated, but what if it could be scaled back and you could track the actual response to your emails. It’s amazing how quickly a sales rep can get caught up in the individual emails that they never actually get to strategize.

If these questions resonate with you and if your CRM tool isn’t making you breathe a deep sigh of relief, then Schedule a Demo to learn more about RepSpark’s Customer Communication Hub tool.

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