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How Personalized Merchandising Guides Can Help You Hit Sales Targets

Merchandising tools to help you sell

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Retailers receive endless catalogs and sales emails on a daily basis. What do you do to capture their attention, and increase your sales volume? The answer: a personalized merchandising catalog.

Retailers won’t be interested in standard, thick apparel catalogs with products that don’t fit their store or image. But by handpicking a list of items in your catalog that they may be interested in, and leaving out anything that’s irrelevant, your brand can catch their eye instantly.

At RepSpark, we offer a handy, easy-to-use platform where you can customize your merchandising guide to fit the needs and interests of your buyers.

Nab More Deals Upsell Products

Nab more deals with new buyers

With our online platform, your team can curate products for a catalog based on season, occasion, or target market.

For example, if a new prospect is looking for work-appropriate women’s apparel, you can place products that fit this demographic in its own list.

Halloween coming up soon? You can create an assortment for that too.

These assortments can then be sent to your prospects, saving you from printing your entire catalog. It’s cost-effective, time-saving, and more likely to increase sales by being relevant.

Upsell products with existing retailers

Besides attracting new buyers, personalized merchandising guides can also help increase sales for existing retailers.

To start, you can analyze customer data from the previous and current year to determine which products are the best-sellers.

You can then create a merchandising catalog listing their top products, assured to bring in more revenue.

You can also look at your clients’ sales reports, and curate an assortment that features other products that you think will also sell well with your client, in addition to the existing roster.


Personalizing and curating your merchandising guides goes a long way to show your buyers that you understand their history and anticipate their needs, which makes it much easier to close deals swiftly.

To learn more about customizing your merchandising guides with RepSpark’s online platform, schedule a demo today.

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“All I do is merch guides all day!  I love these things, and so do my buyers!” 

Amy Shaffer, La Jolla Group

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