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One Size Does Not Fit All in a B2B Platform

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B2B ecommerce will change your selling strategy!  These are pretty standard, visible, easy to follow promises of a sales platform.  However, these promises often lead an apparel/footwear manufacturer dealing with back office and IT overload-Basically hiring a body (or two) to manage the platform and errors that occur with this type of increase in sales.

The promises of a typical wholesale B2B ecommerce provider include:

  • Digitally Present the Line!
  • Increase Sales!
  • Get More orders!
  • Shorten your Sales Cycle!

With the more sophisticated sales management software you may hear:

  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Extensibility

But to truly get the most from a B2B sales platform, there must be flexibility and the ability to configure to handle your unique business- your secret sauce.  Very rarely can an apparel brand sustain the “One Size Fits All” model-in fact, even “One Size Fits Most” barely makes the grade.  You don’t make your customers fit into a box, so why should your B2B platform be operating in this manner?  The more that can be streamlined on the front end to ensure your orders are completely error free will only serve to increase sales and operational efficiencies within your organization.

Following are possible areas where configurations may be necessary:

  • How you view/calculate ATS
  • What is a valid order for YOUR business?
  • Are there data elements that need to be removed/added for the order to flow seamlessly into your backend …and by seamlessly I mean without ANY manual touch?
  • Pricing Specifications, Pricing Plans, etc.
  • Product Segmentation

When selecting a B2B sales tool, make sure to think through what a seamless, error-free order process would truly look like for YOUR company.  Shouldn’t the following be said about any B2B e-commerce platform you select?

“The combination of the RepSpark tools and platform and how willing RepSpark has been to work with us to find the right solution for our business set RepSpark apart from other vendors we have worked with.”  Jordan Judd- Armada

“We made the move to RepSpark to deliver the most effective tools possible to improve productivity for both our Sales Force and Retail base. The RepSpark TOCLM platform was optimally focused for integration, automation, workflow efficiencies, and ease of use and we now have a solution tailored to support each of our brands’ unique business needs.”  Josh Wellington, La Jolla Group

“We made the move to RepSpark because we needed a platform that could accommodate all 5 SGB brands that would be both user friendly yet meet all of our needs.  It matches our business and industry needs.”  Sandy Martinelli, Summit Golf Brands (Zero Restriction, Fairway and Green, EP Pro, EP Sport, B. Draddy)

"RepSpark listened and responded with a system integration and conversion plan that met the unique needs of Jambu.”  David Jonah, Vida International

… RepSpark offer(s) a sophisticated, robust and integrated suite of selling tools that enables our sales team to be more effective and efficient whether in the office or in the field…Throughout the sales cycle, we felt that the RepSpark team was very willing to work with us to provide a solution for our fashion-forward, detailed oriented market.”  Bryan Timm, Halston Heritage

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