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The Peace of Mind Formula: Order Management Systems

by Meghann Butcher, on Aug 6, 2019 2:14:18 PM

Do you get bombarded with frequent emails from your buyers asking about the status of their order? How often are your employees sending reminders about unpaid invoices or tracking down the status of shipments? Whether you want to hear this or not, your buyer’s feeling of uncertainty and questioning around their order status is wreaking havoc on the image of your brand. 

jeshoots-com--2vD8lIhdnw-unsplashHow can you change this around? By treating your B2B buyer the same way you would a B2C and equipping your team with an Order Management tool that will instantly provide order updates, invoices, and package tracking. 

The truth is, B2B buying behavior is no different from B2C, and you can’t grow a company while managing multiple large scale orders with a manual system. 

With big ecommerce shakers in the industry, like Amazon and Nordstrom who make online buying easy, B2B consumers have the same expectations as a B2C buyer when they make purchases. This translates into the need of offering your buyers tracking systems at the touch of their fingertips, incentive programs to drive margin enhancement, and the ongoing ability to always shop your line. 

While B2B ecommerce is a basic expectation of today’s business transactions, there are also enhanced benefits of how it can serve your team. 

  • Eliminate the back and forth emailing about availability and offerings. The more you are making your customer wait, the more time you are giving them to question if they should or should not order from you. By having everything on-demand, you are giving them the answers immediately so they can hit “Buy Now.”
  • Efficiently handle accounts of all sizes. Do you often feel like your smaller retailers are being overlooked while you focus on the larger accounts? It may make sense to prioritize large accounts, but if you have multiple small retailers you serve, then you could be overlooking the percentage of sales they make up as a whole. By automating the process, you are allowing your team to have the capacity to give focus on every account, big and small. 
  • Be on demand, even while OOO. By making all your information readily available online and avoiding the chaos of spreadsheet overload, your retailers can continue buying and you no longer need to be responding to every email when you are poolside. 
  • Equipping your sales reps to guide your buyers. If your reps are going to a meeting with a buyer, they need to be able to know and guide your retailers to enhance their margin, sell-through and help diversify product assortment. Avoid double-booked inventory and instead expand the sales potential for your buyers. 

Here at RepSpark, we are ready to help you achieve all of the above which is why we designed our systems to include the following features when it comes time to manage your orders.

Key Features of RepSpark’s Order Management System

Cart/Order Entry

  • View, edit, create and fulfill orders 
  • Enable customer service representatives to create orders for buyers
  • Allow customer service to update products, prices, and discounts in customers’ shopping carts
  • Save draft orders to return to later
  • Collaborate with buyers on suggested orders
  • Email suggested cart to buyers 
  • Configure workflows for buyers on credit hold
  • Roll up multiple orders for multi-date summation 


  • Include a mini cart on store pages to summarize products in the cart
  • Display an order summary with product images in checkout
  • Allow customers to save their shopping carts to complete their purchase later 
  • Export order summary as PDF, Excel or link to order
  • Display the status of an order on the review page

Order History

  • View orders in open, shipped and canceled status
  • Identify credit hold orders 
  • Produce automatic notifications with order status updates (returned lines, shipped orders, customers on credit hold)
  • Send automatic notifications with order status updates to B2B buyers

Order Status

  • Send email notifications with order status (allocated, picked, shipped, canceled, returned)
  • Streamline re-ordering by enabling shoppers to add products to the cart by SKU


  • View, email and print invoices with images
  • Easily track packages directly from invoice view
  • Issue credits or refund requests
  • Coming Soon: Allow users to pay invoices through the platform

Ready to get peace of mind? Schedule a demo to experience the benefits of having an automatic ordering management software that connects with your inventory and product offering. 

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