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Operational Efficiencies with An Automated B2B E-Commerce Solution

Feb 17, 2016 10:35:23 AM

There are 3 key areas that may not be entirely apparent when looking at a B2B platform.  A B2B sales platform should obviously provide sales tools help increase sales with bigger, better orders.  However, an order does not start or end with sales.  An order touches multiple people through multiple divisions.  But where are the true operation efficiencies achieved with wholesale B2B ecommerce?

“RepSpark clearly stood apart from the competition.  “RepSpark clearly stood apart from the competition.  Because of the way RepSpark was created, it was clear that the tool was built to suit a business front end and back end which was unique based on the other companies we looked at. The other companies really focused on a great front end tool which is important yet they hadn't asked the right questions when it came to getting information out of the system to help run the business daily.  RepSpark had.”  Brian Bosson, Rip Curl

  1. Increased Reorders from B2B Order Entry and Improved Inventory Turns

Allowing access to accurate and actionable data 24/7 from your B2B accounts is a given these days.  Retailers and buyers want an around the clock experience where they can shop when they want to shop…and do so easily.  This alone should lead to MORE orders.

“As far a efficiencies and cost reductions experienced, Sullen has increased their At Once sales order fill rate by over 12%.”  Ryan Moore-Sullen

You might be saying, “Great more orders and reorders means more customer service team members to serve these accounts, especially since these orders are coming in via accounts and not a more knowledgeable sales rep force.  This is where true automation comes into play.  With the backend data streaming directly from the back office system and a strong validation engine to ensure accurate orders, a true sales management software that is more than just an order pad, will help achieve Better Orders, not just more orders.

  1. A Reduction of Order Errors

You need MORE than just an order pad.  When your total orders come into headquarters through a system where only “maybe” 2% have some sort of "error" that needs a second look, your business is streamlined for efficiency.  A validation engine, real-time data flow and unique business logic determines ONLY error free orders can be placed. 

“We made the move to RepSpark to deliver the most effective tools possible to improve productivity for both our Sales Force and Retail base. The RepSpark TOCLM platform was optimally focused for integration, automation, workflow efficiencies, and ease of use...”  Josh Wellington, La Jolla Group (O’Neill, Metal Mulisha, FMF, Roark)

“Great” you’re thinking, more orders that actually are accurate upon arrival.  But what about all the other administrative tasks my customer service and sales operations teams are performing.  Now comes the pivotal point of true operational efficiency.  What could your B2B platform be doing to remove the administrative and repetitive tasks being completed by customer service team so they could start driving true value back to the business.

  1. A More Knowledgeable Sales Team-Insightful Data Driven Answers

Imagine a world where your reps could run their own Top Products Report or could look into last season’s sales and immediately create a suggested order from the product mix for an account before their visit…without an in-house team banging away to produce this data.  Imagine buyers tracking their own packages and reviewing their own invoices.  A two way-push and pull of data is imperative to complete the order entry cycle.  Finding true order status, order history, invoices and package tracking are imperative pieces for both sales reps and buyers to have access to.

Our sales reps will have real-time access to the same reports that our sales managers are seeing. We expect this to facilitate better communication between reps and managers, and everyone can track to their goals with RepSpark's easy-to-read reports.”  Brian Shea, Stance.

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