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Getting Started with Virtual Showrooms

May 28, 2020 12:56:33 PM

With trade shows canceled and travel plans postponed indefinitely, Virtual Showrooms are becoming the new trend in the fashion world to display your products. Not only do they allow us to adjust to this new normal, but it’s also creating efficiencies in the selling process. 

Remember the times when your salesforce would host buyer after buyer to show your new line? Salespeople would rush from account meetings to tradeshows and then go from showroom to showroom presenting your collections. Retail buyers would then review the lines. make notes in printed catalogs and finally place the long-awaited orders. 

With the new direction of our era, Virtual Showrooms will now be replacing the trade shows and while it’s a big change, the benefits are in your favor! Now, buyers can enjoy a video experience of your brand while simultaneously interacting with your Digital Catalogs. This new efficiency allows your brand to:

  • Share a consistent message and brand story across your sales force
  • Decrease the amount of time spent selling
  • Get direct feedback on products based on Favorited Items

Still unsure of how a Virtual Showroom operates and what it is?

In simple terms, a Virtual Showroom is your product line launch video. Buyers can interact with videos that walk through your new collection.  They can add each product directly to a cart or interact with favorites and add notes like they do with the digital catalog. Enjoy this video showcasing how the Virtual Showroom works:

As you saw in the video, your buyers can easily interact and shop while watching the video and interacting with your Digital Catalog. Instead of making a mental note, like a buyer would at a fashion show, they can easily “Favorite the Look” and/or “Shop the Look” to style later using their merchandising boards once the line review is completed. They can even take these merchandising boards and plan out their inventory and delivery dates, making their buy with your brand easy and you can get instant feedback.

Ready to set up a Virtual Showroom?

Setting up a Virtual Showroom is easy and to visually demonstrate the process, we put together this video to share the steps and best practices:

To recap, creating a Virtual Showroom is an easy 4-step process:

  1. Product the videos
  2. Link it to the Catalog Pages
  3. Create a Hero Video that can: 
    1. Introduce the season
    2. Talk through inspiration of the entire season
    3. Welcomes the buyer
  4. Link Videos to Collections within the Shoppable Catalogs

To begin reaping the benefits of the Virtual Showroom, Schedule a Demo today!

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