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2 Tools to Save Your Sanity this Busy Season

by Meghann Butcher, on Nov 21, 2019 12:21:04 PM

Busy season is quickly approaching and now is the time to plan ahead so you can maximize your time. While we know your list is growing by the second, we want to share two tools you can quickly set up to save you time and in the long term, drastically reduce that growing list. 

Ready? Let’s get started!

1. Customer Communication Hub

How easy is it to drown yourself in emails and not take a break to see the light of day? We understand this feeling. But with the Customer Communication Hub, you can decrease your email numbers and keep communication with your retailers in one central place. This can allow you the flexibility to budget your time by account and make sure no communication goes overlooked.

2. Driving Specials with Email Marketing

Gearing up for Black Friday? Make the plans now, write those emails and schedule them so they are ready to be sent on Friday, November 29th. Do the same with all your holiday promotions and new product features you want to promote. This will save you chaos on approvals while trying to also coordinate your flight for sell-in appointments and personal holiday planning.

And no need to worry about designing an elaborate template. We have customized email templates ready for you to input information, share and measure your performance.

Ready to save your sanity before busy season begins? Reach out to your RepSpark’s Customer Success Team with any questions on how to get started in the Customer Communication Hub and Email Marketing features.

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