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Your Line Launch Checklist

by Meghann Butcher, on Jul 1, 2019 11:00:52 AM

The trade shows are here! Are you ready? 

Whether you are launching your line at a large trade show or smaller regional event or hosting a custom local event, the time beforehand is key to make sure every detail is checked off your list to successfully launch your line.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed basic to jaw dropping launches, and we love seeing the innovation throughout the apparel industry. To ensure your best launch yet, we’ve compiled RepSpark’s Complete Line Launch Checklist so you can be prepared for success. 

While the following is a basic list of the do's, you will never lose when you get creative and smart with line launch trends. As influencers continue to have a large impact on consumer buying behavior, there is a new type of influencer evolving - the “superinfluencer.” This name is given to those individuals who can build brands and convert. For example, Nordstrom teamed up with Arielle Charnas from @SomethingNavy and within 24 hours of launching the line and her posts on social, they reached over $1 million in sales. Another great example of incorporating “superinfluencers” is when Stella McCartney planned the launch of her new line in collaboration with Taylor Swift’s new album launch. 

Now to the list!

RepSpark’s Complete Line Launch Checklist

Download Line Launch Checklist

In summary, you want to easily serve your sales team so they can serve their buyer. The details are vital and can’t be overlooked. It helps to create a full “dress rehearsal” of the line launch to make sure every detail is accounted for, big questions can be answered and confidence is in the atmosphere. 

If you are wanting more info on RepSpark’s Online Ordering or Digital Catalogs, schedule a demo to learn more. 

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