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One Size Does Not Fit All in a B2B Platform

Posted by Meghann Butcher on Mar 17, 2016 2:58:00 PM

B2B ecommerce will change your selling strategy!  These are pretty standard, visible, easy to follow promises of a sales platform.  However, these promises often lead an apparel/footwear manufacturer dealing with back office and IT overload-Basically hiring a body (or two) to manage the platform and errors that occur with this type of increase in sales.

The promises of a typical wholesale B2B ecommerce provider include:

  • Digitally Present the Line!
  • Increase Sales!
  • Get More orders!
  • Shorten your Sales Cycle!
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Kate Shoemaker Interview with Shop-Eat -Surf (re: B2B e-commerce)

Posted by Kate Shoemaker on Feb 17, 2016 3:02:00 PM

Looking back at some older published pieces, this seemed particularly relevent even now.  Interview with Shop Eat Surf and newly hired Kate Shoemaker from 2014 (talking about B2B e-commerce and the need for salesforce automation).

What made the RepSpark job such a good fit for your skills?

I have been in technology since 2002, and it has proven to be a very exciting industry, constantly changing and advancing unlike so many other industries in today’s market.  But I was bored, and I wanted more. I wanted my DREAM job. At RepSpark, I found that opportunity: to work with people who feel like family, to be able to sell the BEST product on the market, to board a rocket ship taking off and to have a passionate CEO and mentor who just happens to be a legend and who is also the most decent person I know. 

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Operational Efficiencies with An Automated B2B E-Commerce Solution

Posted by Meghann Butcher on Feb 17, 2016 1:35:23 PM

There are 3 key areas that may not be entirely apparent when looking at a B2B platform.  A B2B sales platform should obviously provide sales tools help increase sales with bigger, better orders.  However, an order does not start or end with sales.  An order touches multiple people through multiple divisions.  But where are the true operation efficiencies achieved with wholesale B2B ecommerce?

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Error Free and Over Goal

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