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The Consumer-The Reason for Being

Posted by Dac Clark on Feb 7, 2017 4:49:29 PM
  • DEFINE YOUR TARGET CUSTOMER(S) DNA, PERSONA AND LIFESTYLE.  Brands need to have a crystal clear understanding of their primary target consumer(s).  Profile were your target consumer shops and who are their favorite brands. Define them granularly with as much specificity as possible.
  • UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY WANT AND UNDERSTAND HOW YOU WILL DELIVER CONSISTENT VALUE-NOW AND IN THE FUTURE.     Your consumers value you based on the positive elements your brand brings to their life. The better job you do in providing those elements, the more your brand will be loved
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Growing Great Brands Webinar Series

Posted by Meghann Butcher on Jan 30, 2017 5:53:00 PM


Join RepSpark CEO Dac Clark for

"Growing Great Brands"

A not to miss webinar series

RepSpark CEO Dac Clark has been in the apparel, footwear, and accessories industries for over 40 years from owning the Southern California Casual retail chain Wild West through leading the manufacturing and process direction for iconic brands such as Gotcha, Rusty, Sanuk and currently L*Space.   Join Dac Clark in this webinar series as he digs into topics surrounding sales, finance, innovation and technology-all critical pieces to Growing Great Brands.  Learn how to better follow Dac's motto:  "Engage the Consumer, Over Serve the Retailer and Frustrate the Competition."

The Consumer-The Reason for Being            Tuesday, February 7 @ 9:00 am PST 

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ICYMI: Dac Clark's Sales Forcasting Webinar

Posted by Jessica Whitney on Oct 20, 2016 3:24:59 PM

If you weren't able to catch Dac's well-attended webinar on the 18th, we've got you covered. 

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Effective Sales Management Strategies

Posted by Dac Clark on Aug 2, 2016 1:39:55 PM

Sales Management

Effective Sales Management is the effective and efficient leadership and management of a salesforce that results in an organization’s successful accomplishment of Sales Goals and Gross Margin Targets. This is done through brand and territory planning, key account planning, staffing, training, directing individual sales people and properly organizational resources. 

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Information Is Power- The Next Evolution of B2B Ecommerce

Posted by Meghann Butcher on Jun 2, 2016 6:06:44 PM

Essentially today's retailers have all power because they have access to sold, timely, actionable, and accurate information.  All too often executives and their sales force must navigate multiple complex applications or ask someone to produce reports and visualizations.  Worse, output is often too fragmented or complicated to interpret and use readily.

What is the strategic role of information in Sales Management?  

With B2B e-commerce at the forefront, it is important to have smart selling tools as well as the now standard order entry platform.

This descriptive whitepaper deliver a brieftalk about the below topics:

  • What is salesforce automation?
  • What are the benefits of it?
  • How can you measure retail perfroamnce?
  • What are essential performeance metrics that matter in retail?
  • What are some advantages of data analytics?

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOADAs published in CIO Review:

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Well Defined Brand DNA & Disciplined Branding is Critical

Posted by Dac Clark on Apr 27, 2016 8:00:00 AM

The definition of DNA is as follows: “molecule that carries most of the genetic instructions used in the development, functioning and reproduction of all living organisms” (Wikipedia).  This concept of DNA can be applied to the business world in the area of branding.  A brand needs a single set of instructions to develop and guide the business in the disapline of branding. A clearly defined brand DNA will help drive branding, marketing, merchandising and sales. DNA can even drive financial decision making.  The brand DNA is critical to developing differentiation from your competitors as well as consistency for your customers.

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The Six Disciplines Of Building A Great Brand

Posted by Dac Clark on Apr 20, 2016 5:02:00 PM
  1. Change The Rules Of The Marketplace       
  • Be Disruptive: Change is an absolute. A market leader usually is the one that causes market changes.
  • Reject Pre-Conceived Limitations: Rules are for there breaking. They are not really rules anyway; most often these limitations are really just traditions, practices, conventions, or long held norms.
  • Control The Retail Floor Space: To change rules, you need to be in control of what you can control-the retail space.
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Topics: Growing Great Brands

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