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Microsites. Your unique event marketing tool.

by Meghann Butcher, on Jun 26, 2019 5:13:43 PM

It’s summertime and it’s the season for trade shows, sporting events and fun campaigns to engage with your customers to drive sales. While there are so many opportunities to connect with your audience, we often see a pivotal marketing tool that is overlooked - Microsites. 

What is a microsite? So glad you asked. 

A microsite is separate from your B2B website, and it allows you to share your message and products for a unique event. With RepSpark, our online platform allows you to create a microsite and offer exclusive shopping experiences for participants during live marketing events. With this tool, you can facilitate individual product orders and easily gauge customer response.

Microsite 1-RepSpark Microsite-1

So, when is a good time to implement a Microsite? Below are a few of many times when creating a Microsite can help your brand succeed:

  • Golf tournaments
  • Surf Competitions
  • Sporting Events and Coach Special Product Selections
  • Brand Ambassador and Influencer Shopping
  • Sharing the details and products of retail trunk shows and pop-up shops
  • Trade shows
  • When launching a new campaign 
  • When opening a digital trunk show 
  • Partnerships and collaborations with influencers 
  • For testing new products or concepts with early adopters 
  • To voice an initiative or stance your brand is taking with product to support the cause

There are many reasons why we love Microsites, but to name our top seven: 

  • Easily drive sales. When you are working with RepSpark, it’s easy to drive sales. All of your product is on one platform, so it will automatically upload content, visual assets and key details of the product you are wanting to sell. This makes not just the creation of the microsite easy, but getting the orders back in an organized fashion seamless. 
  • Customer satisfaction. If you are wanting to drive product quickly into the hands of customers who at your event with options for sizes and colors, it’s much easier to direct them to a specific site rather than shipping $$$$ of product to the event for choosing or having them dig through all the product on your main website. It’s also clear and easy for them, which enhances their satisfaction and pleasure when they think of your brand.
  • Beat the algorithm. Before all the changes to the algorithms, Microsites were declining. However, now that social media is “pay to play” you shouldn’t use it as your main strategy for your marketing your event. We definitely encourage continuing to pursue social media, but by creating a Microsite with strategic keywords and a memorable domain, your next campaign is set up for #winning on all platforms. 
  • Clarity and flexibility. Microsites are easy to make and not as intensive to build as an entire website. It’s also easy to get the details and messaging in one central place to keep the message clear and visitors focused. 
  • Trial runs. If you are launching a new idea but you aren’t ready to put it on the homepage or you want to test out the response, create a microsite or two as a beta tester with your audience to pull the stronger response. 
  • Helps your SEO. If you are looking to push a certain product or initiative, creating a microsite where you can drive customers using strategic keywords. 
  • Clear reporting. With a microsite, you are able to know the content your audience is responding to and what is being overlooked. Whereas on the main website, they can quickly distracted and lost from your overall messaging. 

We’ve seen many clients with RepSpark launch Microsites, and it’s always amazing to hear their response about the results:

"The micro site allows us to offer our customers the option for a custom shopping experience that’s easy to set-up and manage. Minimal effort with maximum results."

-David Quattrucci, Vice President - Golf Operations of Tharanco Lifestyles

If you would like to see a demo of how you can build a Microsite with RepSpark, we would love to show you! Click below to schedule your demo today.

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