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How Microsites Can Help Your Retail Marketing Efforts

by Meghann Butcher, on Oct 11, 2019 3:38:00 AM


Trade shows, campaign launches, and sporting events are great marketing tactics that help you drive customer engagement, and boost sales. But coordinating the logistics for moving merchandise for these special events can be a hassle.

That’s where microsites come in. But what is a microsite?

A microsite is separate from your B2B website, where you can easily share messages and products specifically for a unique event. With RepSpark’s online platform, your team can  create a microsite that gives your customers a customized shopping experience, while simplifying fulfillment on your end.

Here’s an example of how a RepSpark microsite could help you. 



Seamless shopping experience for consumers
Say your brand sells sportswear, and you’re selling a select range of apparel in conjunction with a golf tournament. This is what your microsite could look like. The messaging is clear and concise, so event participants know exactly how to select their giveaway item.
Once customers click on their desired package(s), they’ll be led to a page where they can specify the color and size they want.

Streamlined fulfillment process for your team

Once the order is processed, it’s sent directly to your ERP, without your team having to manually compile orders. All the items ordered will then be shipped to you ahead of your event. This streamlined process frees up your employees’ time to concentrate on more important matters.



Microsites can be customized to fit any marketing event, besides sporting events! Here are some good examples of occasions where microsites can help streamline your workflow:

  • Sporting events such as golf tournaments or surfing competitions
  • Coach special product selections
  • Trade shows
  • New campaign launches
  • To present curated assortments to influencers, ambassadors and athletes. 

If you want to see how you can build a microsite with RepSpark, we'd love to show you. Schedule a demo with us today.

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We’ve seen many clients with RepSpark launch microsites, and it’s always amazing to hear their response about the results:

"The micro site allows us to offer our customers the option for a custom shopping experience that’s easy to set-up and manage. Minimal effort with maximum results."

-David Quattrucci, Vice President - Golf Operations of Tharanco Lifestyles