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How to Keep the Spark Alive with Your Sales Reps

by Kate Shoemaker, on Jun 18, 2019 4:55:32 PM

It’s been a few weeks since you’ve last seen your reps at the launch of your line. As their lives are getting busy with sell-in appointments and meeting the retailer’s requests, you may be sensing a lack of enthusiasm as when they first locked eyes with your product line.

To help keep the spark alive, here are three quick tips to inspire your sales reps and help them succeed:


  1. Touch base about this season’s product features and the major selling points. Which product inspired the most excitement at your sales meeting? Remind sales reps about that moment and everyone’s new favorite features. You can also remind reps about new marketing initiatives surrounding the products that were shown. If this wasn’t something created, now would be a great time to implement a new idea in the midst of sell-in appointments. Was there an inspirational message from a speaker? Hopefully, you recorded it and can be sent out to your sales reps while they are out traveling in-between meetings. Regardless, let them know you are thinking of them and encouraging them as they work hard to serve your retailers.
  2. Send out a blast highlighting your incentive program. If you don’t have one yet, create one! It can be incentives for B2B customers who order online which reps can bring up in sales meetings. For your internal sales team you can also provide motivation with a bonus or a free vacation.
  3. Congratulate those who are rocking it out! Everyone loves recognition for their hard work so why not send a blast highlighting those individuals?! Perhaps you heard testimony from an incredible sell-in appointment where the buyers were excited about the line. Share the story and give kudos to the sales rep who did an amazing job.  

Giving your sales team a quick nudge to remind them you are thinking of them during this busy time is one of the best ways you can help them be successful! Get creative and don’t let them forget you see them and recognize their hard work.