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How to Create a Better Normal in 2021

At RepSpark, we want to help guide you to a better normal in 2021 by honing in on the authenticity your brand has to offer and creating custom solutions for you to succeed.

Pat yourself on the back because you’ve almost made it through 2020, and it’s been a FULL year. While facing a pandemic, you’ve had to recreate strategies, develop new selling materials, and learn methods to work as a team remotely. 

While 2020 has created many “new normals” in our world, it’s also created silver linings for ways we can improve our business and best selling practices. 

If you are searching for ways to scale your business in 2021 and take back control, you’ve come to the right place. 

To build a growth strategy, you need an authentic approach focused on personalized selling to new and existing customers.


What is an individual strategy?

If you want your brand to have a better normal in 2021, you need an individual strategy that is fearless and crafted to serve your customers and your profits. 

“In a disrupted environment, decision-makers must be bold. They must develop novel strategies for their assortments or product offering, focused on profitability, value, simplicity and downsized collections, rather than discounting and volumes.”

- The State of Fashion 2021, Business of Fashion

To create an authentic winning strategy for your brand, dig deep into what’s working for your business, break free from the methods wearing your business down, and steal your margins.

It can mean looking at new opportunities with:

  • Altering collections and assortments
  • Sourcing and production
  • Serving your current customer base
  • Enhancing your mindset and business acumen
  • Selecting the digital tools to sell and promote your products

If strategies of the past aren’t serving your brand, then be okay with walking away. If there are major pain points that disrupt profits, then allot time in Q1 to focus on how your brand can turn your problems into profits. 

Give Customers a Custom Tailored Experience

Since you are a smart business leader, you know that it’s more expensive to get new customers than retain your current. To serve your existing customer, think about ways to go above and beyond with a personalized approach in 2021.

The truth is, every brand is going digital, so you need to think of ways that elevate the experience buyers have with your brand so that it stands out more than your competitors. 

This can be as easy as:

  • Showcasing their top performers first when selling to get them excited. 
  • Putting their logos and brand colors on the selling content, so they get the custom experience.
  • Building an incentive program around their favorites or top booked products will allow them to buy more and save money.
  • Sending them an email throughout the year to see how their business is doing
  • Strategize new ways you can help them promote their business.

At the end of the day, if your retailers succeed, then your brand will grow, and you will build long-lasting trust, which no dollar amount can ever replace.

Define the Businesses You Want to Target

What if we told you that reps using RepSpark have grown their accounts in 2020? Well, they have! And they’ve been able to do so by being strategic, smart, and savvy. 

This past year, Todd Howerton, a sales rep for Stance and Salt, was determined to gain more accounts for his brand and here’s how he made it happen. 

First off, it was a new brand launch and he knew potential retailers were facing really hard times. So he worked with RepSpark to craft custom Digital Catalogs for the accounts he wanted to target.

The game changer was that he made the catalogs custom to each retailer with their name and an image of the front of their retail space. As a result, orders came in from those retailers because he was able to present the brand in a custom, yet non-pushy way. 

“Using RepSpark’s Digital Catalog was the perfect tool to sell products in a custom way that wasn't pushy and was sensitive to what retailers are experiencing right now."

-Todd Howerton, Sales Rep for Stance and SALT

Virtual Showroom-Dynamic Videos

The morale of the story is, always show up as the authentic version of your business. The authenticity carries into your goals, business structure, and how you serve your new and existing customers. 

To summarize, Anthony Iannarino said it best:

“Your intentions matter, and they are felt by your clients, your prospects, and all of the people whom you interact. When you come from a place of caring, you generate trust and build powerful relationships. But if your actions are self-serving, they destroy trust and ruin relationships.”

Anthony Iannarino, The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need

If you are interested in learning how RepSpark can help your brand experience a better normal in 2021, schedule a demo today. 

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