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Go Digital Webinar Recordings

by Meghann Butcher, on May 18, 2020 5:08:12 PM

The old ways of doing business are over. Gone are printed catalogs, trade shows as we knew them, large sales meetings, major account buyer travel, showroom attendance and one to one sales buy with buyers. But don’t fret! Together, RepSpark and Dac Clark of L*SPACE, took an in-depth look at the changes of our industry and discussed how brands can get equipped to go fully digital in a 4-part webinar series. Because we want you to thrive during this time, we saved all of the webinar recordings in the blog post below. Feel free to share and dig into the resources available for your brand to thrive in the ‘new normal’ of digital selling. 

Go Digital – Digital Catalogs- What is it?  Why do I need it?  How do I do it?

With RepSpark’s Digital Catalogs your brand will no longer need to spend money on expensive Printed Catalogs. With Digital Catalogs, you can:

  • Remove the wait time between a customer’s viewing a of printed catalog
  • Allow buyers to select products and add the styles to their order. 
  • Distribution is as easy as pressing ‘send.’
  • Offer a catalog that is searchable and book-to-order can be saved with a click of the mouse. 

Learn the tool that allows your team to sell more products, easier. 


Go Digital – The Digital Sales Meeting

Sales Meetings are shifting to digital and we understand that it’s a new territory and dynamic. To help ease the transition, we are going through the details of how to make it the best digital sales meeting ever. Here is what we covered: 

  • Set-up and planning
  • Equipment Required
  • Integrating RepSpark’s Digital Catalog
  • Training your Reps
  • Implementation and Execution of how Reps can sell virtually

Go Digital  - The Virtual Showroom

Many of the important trade shows for the balance of 2020 have been cancelled. How will your brand replace this essential part of showing buyers your latest seasonal brand line releases?

Get your answer by watching below.


Go Digital  - A Rep Focused Digital Sales Presentations- Using Digital in the Field

Now that your team has the tools to go digital, they need to be equipped with how to utilize the digital landscape. In this webinar, we will cover:

  • How reps can create their own catalog from a template
  • The eps plan on how to share the digital tools
  • How reps should be talking to customers right now
Be the top selling rep and hit your number by listening to the webinar below.


Did you find the information in these webinars helpful? Ready to get your sales team on board with digital selling tools? Schedule a demo today with RepSpark and let us craft a custom solution to help your brand sell more products, both easier and digitally.

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