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Effective Sales Management Strategies

by Dac Clark, on Aug 2, 2016 1:39:55 PM

Sales Management

Effective Sales Management is the effective and efficient leadership and management of a salesforce that results in an organization’s successful accomplishment of Sales Goals and Gross Margin Targets. This is done through brand and territory planning, key account planning, staffing, training, directing individual sales people and properly organizational resources. 



Sales Management Mission

  1. Sales Goals - Set SMART goals and objectives for each salesperson.
  2. Sales Strategies - Achieve seasonal brand sales growth goals through the establishment of effective sales strategies.
  3. Territory Goals – Set territory sales goals and objectives
  4. Territory Strategies – Work with each salesperson to set up general and territorial selling strategies each season.
  5. Brand Selling System - Develop and implement a brand selling system.
  6. Selling Processes - Establish effective selling processes, support systems and procedures.
  7. Best People - Recruit, heir, and train the best people for our sales force.
  8. Training &Development - Set up sales training and improvement systems.
  9. Coaching - Coach the sales team toward excellence.
  10. Measure Performance - Install sales tracking and measurement systems.
  11. Know What’s Going On - Monitor, evaluate and report sales information and report observations on style & fashion trends.
  12.  Key Account Management - Maintain regular communication and excellent relationships with key volume accounts and image retailers.
  13. Motivation - Establish a positive motivational work environment. 

Sales Management Goals 

  1. Grow Sales by Territory and by key Account.
  2. Grow Market Share as Measured by “Rack Space”
  3. Present the Line and Get Orders Each Season.
  4. Carefully Plan Territory Growth
  5. Develop Effecting Sales Strategies By Account Type
  6. Understand and Use the Companies Sales support Systems
  7. Know Seasonal Performance Numbers
  8. Expand Distribution In Key Channels In Each Territory.
  9. Resolve Conflicts.
  10. Manage Customer Relationships.
  11. Communicate and Report To Brand Top Management.
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