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COVID is Pushing Stronger Sustainability Initiatives

by Meghann Butcher, on Aug 10, 2020 7:35:19 AM

While COVID has definitely turned our world upside down and we’ve had to adjust to new normals in 2020, you can’t help but notice the silver linings - more time spent with family, creating new opportunities to make selling easier, and a more eco-conscious consumer. That’s right! According to a recent survey by McKinsey, since COVID 63% of consumers surveyed consider a brand’s sustainability efforts when making purchase decisions. 

arturo-rey-5yP83RhaFGA-unsplashSo what does this mean for your brand? 

While sustainability was a major focus at the beginning of the year, many brands experienced a large hesitation with transitioning from paper to Digital Catalogs. Why the fear? Due to the history of doing things one way, there was a fear that buyers wouldn’t adapt to digital selling and would walk away from doing business. Now with working remotely, COVID has forced brands and buyers to adapt to digital selling solutions. 

The Next Wave of Sustainable Solutions

With Digital Catalogs being a great way to save the planet and reduce the amount of paper and energy spent, many are asking “what is the next sustainable initiative for the apparel industry?” In the same survey by McKinsey, 88% of respondents believe that more attention should be paid to reducing pollution. One of the main culprits of the pollution in the fashion industry is the excess clothing which is thrown away, hence leading to the elimination of costly samples.

To help cope with the changes of no longer ordering and shipping out expensive samples, brands are focusing their efforts on:

  • High resolution images and videos with 3-d capabilities
  • Creating Virtual Showrooms where buyers can interact with product
  • Showcase a variety of models wearing their products to see the fit
  • Sending off a small square of new colors for buyers to visualize

To learn how you can take advantage of more sustainable ways of doing business, then schedule a demo today. Together, we can align your goals to develop a custom digital selling solution for your brand!

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