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RepSpark Client Spotlight: Rip Curl

by Maggie Peracchi, on Feb 12, 2018 11:19:16 AM




Rip Curl, an Australian brand, was established in 1969 as a surfboard company. A year later they expanded their line to wetsuits with an emphasis in utility and diving technology for surfers. Today, Rip Curl is a world-wide brand, sponsoring top athletes in the industry, and features an iconic product line of surf and lifestyle apparel, swimwear, and accessories.

Fun Fact:

Rip Curl established “The Search”, a series of powerful surf films and campaigns in the 1990’s. Relaunched in 2015, The Search remains one of Rip Curl’s largest platforms for surfers around the world.

In the beginning, The Search was expressed in the actions of two young surfers, Claw & Brian, and their personal quest for a lifestyle that allowed them to surf and live by the coast.

Rip Curl is a product of the Search.” -ripcurl.com

Read more about The Search here!

Rip Curl and RepSpark, a Partnership:

Rip Curl has been a great partner to the RepSpark family. They have done an exceptional job in getting their B2B users onto the site. They have one of the highest user adoptions with the B2B tool, and are always looking for ways to provide an exceptional customer service experience for their retailers.


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