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RepSpark's Client Spotlight: L*Space

by Maggie Peracchi, on Oct 31, 2017 12:53:36 PM



About L*Space

Inspired by California’s rich beach culture, the fashion forward swimwear brand, L*Space, has become a top brand in the swimwear industry. L*Space designer, Monica Wise, moved the brand to Orange County in 2000. What makes the American-made brand so successful is their focus on the quality and materials of their products. So far, L*Space styles have been featured on celebrities and influencers, and in top lifestyle magazines such as, Elle, Shape, Health, Vogue, People, Marie Claire, Us and more. They have expanded their product line to apparel, footwear, and accessories, which all carry the same look and feel of their stylish suits.

L*Space inspires their employees and customers to find their “L space”,

“Wise realized that a lot of things that were important to her, personally and in business, started with the letter “L”—words like Love and Laughter. “I was trying to find my ‘L’s in my life, and creating my ‘L’ space,’ ” Wise says. “I want all women to do the same thing—find their space.”
Pelican Hill Interview with Monica Wise

Fun Fact

In 2011, Dac Clark became Chairman and CEO of L*Space Swimwear. Previously, Dac was CEO of the popular footwear brand Sanuk, where he and his technology team created RepSpark Systems. In 2008, RepSpark became its own private company. Today, Dac is the acting CEO for both L*Space Swimwear and RepSpark Systems.

L*Space and RepSpark, a Partnership

RepSpark Systems and L*Space have been partners since 2007. RepSpark has a very close relationship with L*Space that has allowed our teams to jointly collaborate and bring leading features to the site. The brand is always striving to find innovative ways to bring the customer experience to the highest level. They are passionate about their company environment in which they create a space that allows creativity and inspiration. The RepSpark team values its partnership with L*Space because they are such a positive, good energy, and great swim brand to innovate with.


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