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5 Tools You Can Implement to Crush Your Goals

by Meghann Butcher, on Oct 10, 2019 9:39:54 AM

A new season is approaching which means your team is probably knee deep in Excel sheets analyzing the performance of products, forecasting quantities, setting goals and figuring out new strategies to make this the best season ever. 

Unfortunately, the ratio of time spent on building reports vs. analyzing can be insane. We know you make the investment with your time because you want to walk into your sales meeting with a smart strategy. However, after all the time spent on building reports, how confident are you in your strategy, forecasts and goals? What if we could help you eliminate the time spent building spreadsheets so you can instead focus all your attention on analyzing and goal crushing?

With RepSpark, we allow you to easily manage your reports and quickly understand every aspect of your retailer’s business. With this easy access to information you can suggest the best strategy assortment for your retailer. Once you have a better understanding of the forecasted strategy, you can then create smart goals and track your team’s progress along the way.

Let’s take a closer look at all RepSpark has to offer, by exploring the 5 tools you can implement today to better serve your retailers and crush your goals.


1. Prepping with Reports

As you know, every retailer has a unique set of customers, product assortments that work and don’t work, and visual displays to showcase your products. With all the variation, you can’t apply a one size fits all strategy and make suggestions on final assortment solely based on industry trends

To craft an intentional strategy for you retailers, start prepping for your meetings with a reporting tool that will better serve you and your retailer, like our Meeting Prep for Intelligent Selling. With this tool, your sales force can push the Excel spreadsheets to the side and quickly access key account data at their fingertips and easy to run reporting tools. Your sales reps can now go into every sales call prepared to help buyers maximize product sell through and enhance gross margin! 

2. Forecasting

After analyzing the reports, the next step and tool you can implement to crush your goals, is Forecasting. With forecasting, you can easily identify current sales volume to goal by time, sales reps, account, category, or product type. Yes, you no longer need to have a separate tab for reach rep and making sure the data is all being captured with a pivot table you crafted. Take the stress away and let RepSpark do the heavy data building sheets for you and let it automatically sync with sales in real time. 


And if you manage a team of reps, we also help make your job easier by forecasting the goals for your sales reps. Here is what you would be able to do:

  • Input sales forecast for specified timeframes
  • Easily negotiate goals between sales managers and sales team
  • Monitor time based to date sales by rep, account or product category
  • Easily spot sales personnel who are below goal amount 

3. Having Key Performers Ready

Have you ever gone to a sales meeting and your retailer’s top revenue driver was missing from the new assortment? Don’t let the nightmare of a sales meeting happen to you. Know the top selling products and use the Product Segmentation tool to drive sales and in store traffic with a custom curated product assortment that makes every retailer’s merchandise unique and ensures a strong sell thru.

Pro Tip: Take it a step further and create a visual mock-up on the Whiteboard tool of key performers and showcase how your retailer can keep key performers in their assortment while also introducing new styles. 

4. Goal Tracking

The 4th tool and step in the process - setting your goals. 

Everyone has (or should have) the number in mind they need to hit to crush their goals. After careful analysis of reporting, forecasting and creating an intentional assortment of key performing styles, it’s time to set those smart goals. Using the Forecasting tool, RepSpark can work with your team to set, manage and hit your goals. Remember,  “What gets measured, gets done.”  If you want to learn more about goal tracking and crushings, enjoy this video where we ask RepSpark clients,  #WhatsYourNumber?

5. Data Driven Tracking


Have we hit the point over the head yet that you no longer have to spend days building Excel spreadsheets, pivot tables, manual data entry and updates?! For once and for all, let’s stop the madness and automate the data so you can spend more time on analyzing and selling smarter. With our reporting tools, you don’t need to update your numbers, the time and bookings to track progress. With RepSpark, all numbers are automatically synced so each rep can track their progress and what they need to do to hit their numbers.

Ready to crush your goals? Take advantage of all RepSpark has to offer by getting your team on board with goals and reporting this season. If you have any questions about different aspects of the software, reach out to RepSpark’s Customer Success team.